Studio S now offers Facial and Body waxing! We use only the gentlest professional grade hard wax for the body’s delicate areas. Waxing regularly will help to slow hair growth and soften the new growth. We recommend to re-wax every 4-5 weeks, as a professional wax lasts about 3-6 weeks depending on your rate of growth.

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Waxing Options & Pricing

Facial Waxing:

Brow wax- $15.00

Upper lip wax- $8.00

Chin wax- $8.00

Upper lip and Brow wax- $20.00

Brow, Lip, Chin Combo- $30.00

Body Waxing:

Half Leg- $30.00 (includes tops of feet)

Full Leg- $60.00 (includes tops of feet)

Half Arm- $25.00 (includes tops of hands)

Full Arm- $45.00 (includes tops of hands)

Underarm- $20.00

Down Under:

Bikini- $30.00

Brazilian- $50.00 and up

Landing Strip- $45.00

***Be sure to clean and exfoliate area to be waxed before treatment.***

***Moisturize and exfoliate waxed areas the day after treatment to help prevent in-grown hair.***

***DO NOT moisturize before a wax treatment***